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Text Classification Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Your organization’s text is a goldmine waiting to be discovered. The treasure of unquarried text data holds insights into everything from customers to suppliers to profits. Text classification helps make sense of unstructured data, but it can be a daunting task - especially if the text data is voluminous, highly technical, or in another language. Manual classification is time-consuming, expensive, and prone to human error. Machine classification can be rigid and often doesn’t allow for human interpretation, adjustments or improvements.

But if we told you that easy text classification is possible?

Quick Onboarding for Quick Results

Searching for a text classifier that will meet your business’s needs can be time consuming. And once you find one, it can take weeks or months to get your data on-board. We’ve designed Quickcode to get you on the road to actionable insights quickly and easily. In fact, our SaaS* customers can be up and running in minutes! Quickcode works on text of any size, in any language, and any domain.

To get started, simply sign up for a free trial at, upload your text data, and start making connections and gathering insights….

  • Want to know the nature of your customer’s conversations in December? Quickcode’s date analysis chart and topic models can do that for you.

  • Need to classify open-ended survey responses by subject or sentiment? Quickcode’s tagging feature makes it easy to label and export your dataset.

  • Looking for all the ways that Shakespeare’s sonnets reference love or mortality (or both!)? Old English is not a problem for Quickcode.

  • Want to create an alerting system that routes incoming business documents like invoices, purchase orders, or customer feedback to the proper department? Quickcode can do that too.

*We also offer an on-prem solution that rolls out into your environment, operating within the safety and security of your own infrastructure (some of the most secure organizations in the world trust us with their data). Our platform deploys as an on-premises solution that is safe within your infrastructure with airtight security.

How does Quickcode work?

At its core, Quickcode is a human-in-the-loop recommendation engine. Recommendations are generated by a proprietary machine learning method that trains and re-trains models on-the-fly, combined with state of the art language models that *understand* the text. A human “expert” begins by telling Quickcode what they are interested in finding and Quickcode responds with recommendations. The human gives feedback about those suggestions, and the cycle continues until the Quickcode classifier’s results represent exactly what the expert is looking for.

Get Explainable Classifiers

Quickcode’s classifiers are represented in Boolean form, making them completely explainable, interpretable, adjustable, AND transparent. Explainable AI is a hot topic and will be a critical component of any organization using AI or machine learning. The ability to understand and explain how an AI model arrives at a decision is more important than ever. Many text classifiers, especially those that rely on natural language processing, are completely opaque. In many cases, even the data scientists who created the classifiers are unable to explain how or why they work.

Changing the Game

Quickcode’s mission is to free the massive unstructured text data trapped inside your organization so that it can be used to transform the consistency, quality, and timeliness of decision making. We do that by putting the power of text-based machine learning directly into the hands of human experts, allowing them to leverage technology without relying on a data scientist.

Ready to see how Quickcode uses human-in-the-loop machine learning? Try it out!

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