Quickcode is a force multiplier for labeling or classifying unstructured text data – making the process more simple, scalable, accurate, and efficient.

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Quickcode learns from you, then you learn from from Quickcode using transparent keywords to label and classify text data.

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Get the best possible training data

Quickcode is text processing software for data scientists working on complex, text-based problems. Use it to create a Boolean classifier or curate smaller data sets for labeling. First, Quickcode uses machine learning to find patterns in unstructured text. Then, it offers intuitive workflows for subject-matter experts to identify and label the most relevant training data. 



Upload text documents of any size, in any language. Then tell Quickcode what you’re looking for.



Quickcode finds related, relevant, and representative keywords in your text to help you build a targeted dataset.



Your SMEs can validate Quickcode's recommendations and identify or label training data in minutes.

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What Customers Are Saying

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Rachel Pacheco
PhD, Author “Bringing up the Boss”

Quickcode helped identify the unknown unknowns in my open text data that I couldn’t do previously.


Brian Bumpus
Senior China Subject Matter Expert, Thresher

Quickcode empowers our team of data analysts to quickly sift through millions of Chinese language posts to find information of interest.


Turn unstructured text into training data in minutes

Quickcode applies machine learning to find patterns in your unstructured text, making it easy for experts to find the right data to label, reducing bias and improving model accuracy by introducing relevant and representative examples into your labeling set.

  • Easily extract knowledge from your subject matter experts

  • Train anyone to build queries

  • Label data in hours instead of days

  • Stop using spreadsheets

  • Avoid rework and redos


Train your models with confidence

Get representative and relevant training data to boost your F1 score. Quickcode is the only solution that processes your entire dataset and makes unbiased recommendations to help you avoid blindspots.

  • Curate smaller, manageable datasets

  • Find every edge case

  • Eliminate redundant and irrelevant data 

  • Process any language, any topic, any text

  • Find more of what you’re looking for, even if what you’re looking for includes slang, codewords, or misspellings

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See everything in your data.

Quickcode turns complex text into usable datasets. So even though it’s designed to identify training data, Quickcode is a valuable asset at many stages of the machine learning process.

Conduct search
and discovery


Label within Quickcode to save time and reduce costs


Detect longitudinal language changes


Build and export your own keyword classifiers


Develop a proof of concept for text-based machine learning


Born out of necessity

Quickcode was originally developed at Harvard University to help build complex machine learning models for research. Today, Quickcode is led by a team of committed entrepreneurs, data scientists, and software engineers who believe in the power of unstructured text to change the world. We’re building toward a future in which every data science team is equipped to design powerful machine learning models.


Go from quick and easy to quick and accurate

Quickcode helps you move fast and find the right data

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