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You focus on the research. We’ll handle the text data.

Research is fraught with data-related challenges. Variables are often inaccessible and hard to define. Practitioners use shorthand and slang in their notes. And even commonly used codes or tags can be too broad to use in your work.

Quickcode addresses all these concerns with both speed and accuracy. Our human-in-the-loop solution uses machine learning to find patterns in your data, instantly surfacing relevant results, and even making recommendations for further queries.

Easy installation. Airtight security.

Quickcode will be up and running in minutes. Our solution can deploy as an on-premises solution safe within your infrastructure, or on the AWS cloud platform.

Your solutions require your data.

Pre-trained classifiers are easy to use, but they’re trained on generic data that won’t help you solve complex problems. Quickcode is designed to train itself on your data, which means you’ll get domain-specific recommendations no matter what you’re working on.