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We get you to 10 digits faster and with more confidence.

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HS Classification, Reimagined

Tired of using manual, out-dated, clunky, and inaccurate HS classification strategies?  QuickcodeHS brings new technology to an old problem.  Our human-in-the-loop AI solution keeps your experts in control of HS classification while providing an accurate, repeatable, justifiable, and auditable outcome. 

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The Future of HS Classification is Augmented With AI


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HS classification requires specialized training, practice, and experience. Attempts to help improve the process via automation have been clunky and unsophisticated.



Recent advances in natural language processing and AI are catalyzing innovative, human-in-the-loop automation methods and improving accuracy, efficiency, and replicability.



Quickcode is building the next generation HS classification tool to expertly generate a 10-digit HS code in a fraction of the time as compared to manual methods.

State-of-the-art Language Models

QuickcodeHS uses advanced language models to parse and evaluate all user provided information. If additional details are needed in order to recommend a classification, QuickcodeHS uses the same language models to request that information from the user. 

QuickcodeHS also flags classifications that may require additional reporting to Other Government Agencies (OGAs) or Partner Government Agencies (PGAs). 


Human-in-the-loop AI for HS Classification

Our human-in-the-loop AI solution for 8 and 10 digit classification means that your expert is always in control of the final code assignment.  We create a justification report that includes information gleaned from the HTSUS schedule, CROSS, General Rules of Interpretation, Chapter Notes, and more – flagging products that may require a Section 301 or Anti-dumping Tariff.


QuickcodeHS can store your parts and SKU database, making it easy to identify and classify items you have previously classified.

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Go from slow and laborious to quick and accurate

QuickcodeHS helps you find the right code, fast.

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